A Maritime Connection In A Dulwich House’s History

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One of our histories is for a house in Dulwich which was built by its first resident in 1864. He made his name by inventing the screw propeller and was knighted for his services to the navy and shipping.

For 37 years before his invention he had been a farmer but his fascination with boats lead to him perfecting the propulsion of a boat by means of an under water screw driven by a spring at the stern. This was greatly superior to the paddle-wheel which was in use at the time and persuaded the famous engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel to change the design of the S S Great Britain.

After the First World War the house suffered the fate of many large houses by being turned into flats and gradually falling into disrepair. The present owners however have rescued the house by returning it into sole occupancy and good condition.

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