About House History

We began to research house histories out of a love of local history, and because of a wish to increase our own knowledge and appreciation of the place in which we live. As we put together more and more histories, it soon became clear that many others shared our view.

Houses are more than just bricks and mortar and often hold fascinating stories of the people who preceded us, helping to shape our homes and the neighbourhoods that we know best. House History aims to increase the pleasure that our homes give to us by adding to our knowledge of the people in the past who also loved the places in which we live.

Nick Bentley

Nick Bentley is the founding member of House History. He read History at Cambridge University, England, where he developed his love of the past and of local history in particular. After obtaining a Masters degree, Nick also pursued his interest in buildings by practising in property law.

By researching and writing individual house histories he is combining his experience in both fields, and has become a leading expert in the history of buildings.


We also work in association with an architect, Judy Giddings, B.Sc., B Arch., to offer the additional service of producing a ‘to scale’ architectural drawing of the facade of your house.

An example of this is:


This drawing can be incorporated into the history or provided separately with or without a frame.

The price for an architectural drawing is £350.

For this price Judy will:

  • visit the house
  • photograph the façade
  • take external and internal measurements of the façade
  • hand draw the drawing on a drawing board